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New Release: Sundays with Oliver

I’ve been talking about this book for so long that there shouldn’t be a lot left to say. But, hey, this is me. I can always find another word or two. Sundays with Oliver feels very much like the next logical step in my journey as a writer. Once again, I draw on my own life as a jump-off point as my daughter packed up her life and went away to college. I then went on to explore other aspects of mid-life:

  • Becoming an empty nester
  • Having adult children
  • Taking a moment (or twenty) to look back at everything you’ve done and wonder: has it been enough?
  • Learning to come to terms with loss
  • How our relationships with our parents (or caregivers) change as we grow older
  • Starting a relationship with someone else who’s basically having the same existential crisis you are, so, basically —
  • Being brave enough to take a chance on love

These characters are a little older and a little more bruised and I think that makes their happy ever after all the more sweet.

Sundays with Oliver is available in ebook and print formats!
Universal Buy Link | Riptide Publishing

Available now at your favorite retailer:
Universal Buy Link | Riptide Publishing

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