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SDP Books Reaches Milestone!

SDP LogoIt is with great joy and pride that we announce that Shaggy Dog Productions, LLC, the publishing imprint for The Lady Writers of the Poconos, has reached a new milestone: we have released-or have in the pipeline- 30 books!

This is a momentous occasion for us all, and we want to take the time to celebrate all the wonderful achievements that have led to this major accomplishment. From our very first book back in 2015, Tressa’s Treasures, we have come a long way in our mission to bring the words of the Lady Writers to readers around the world.

We have a wide variety of titles in our catalog, both novels and novellas. Our books span a range of topics, from historical fiction, to thrillers, to cozy mysteries and romances.

Our authors have achieved great success with their work, and we are proud to have the privilege of publishing them. Many of our titles have earned awards and honors, such as The Wishing Shelf Book Awards, the Library Titan Book Awards, and even appearing on the Today Show.

Our mission has always been to provide quality books that inspire, educate, and entertain. Our authors are passionate and talented writers who have something important to say, and we are honored to be able to bring their work into the world.

We are thrilled to have reached this milestone and are excited for what the future holds. We look forward to continuing to publish books that will move and empower our readers, and we hope to continue reaching new heights in our mission.

We want to take a moment to thank all our amazing authors and readers who have supported us on our journey. Thank you, and congratulations to us all on this amazing achievement!


SDP Books: 

Title Author
Tressa’s Treasures Belinda M Gordon
Xander’s Folly Belinda M Gordon
Sophia’s Song Belinda M Gordon
Deaglan’s Deception Belinda M Gordon
Devoted Friends Sahar Abdulaziz
The Good Pharmacist’s Deadly Secrets Belinda M Gordon
The Sands of Marrakech MA Moore
Simply Gregg Evelyn Infante
The Case of the Chrysanthemum Murders Susan Moore Jordan
Unexpected Friends Sahar Abdulaziz
The Case of the Unearthed Evidence Susan Moore Jordan
The Complete Counting Series Kelly Jensen
Let’s Connect Kelly Jensen
Let’s Go Out Kelly Jensen
The Good Pharmacist’s Deadly Secrets Belinda M Gordon
Block and Strike Kelly Jensen
The Case of the ‘Carousel’ Killer Susan Moore Jordan
Having It All Belinda M Gordon
The Case of the Bogus Beatle Susan Moore Jordan
Forever Friends Sahar Abdulaziz
Bloodhound Investigations Evelyn Infante
And This Shall Be for Music Susan Moore Jordan
Who Killed Gary? Sahar Abdulaziz
The Gatekeeper’s Notebook Sahar Abdulaziz
Tight Rope Sahar Abdulaziz
Expendable Sahar Abdulaziz
Ashes Sahar Abdulaziz
The Case of the Casanova Cantor Susan Moore Jordan
Eli’s Heart Susan Moore Jordan
Dust Sahar Abdulaziz
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