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Announcing a Special Deal on M.A. Moore’s The Stars to Guide Them

Get your free Kindle Edition of this new release from Shaggy Dog Productions author M.A. Moore on Amazon from December 5-7, 2020!

The Stars to Guide Them is an action-packed thriller that combines an exciting story and full-bodied characters you can really care about.

Astronomer Miriam Adler discovers an anomaly in a star map from a manuscript written in the 1300s.  The map includes astronomical discoveries only made in the 20th century – almost 800 years after the map was created.  In her search for the truth, Miriam puts herself, and a few unusual friends, in the cross hairs of powerful factions within the Vatican.

The action in this book will put you on the edge of your seat.  The descriptions of the locations in Italy and Greece will have you making travel plans.  Steve Berry fans – here is another author who combines the careful development of characters and the artful inclusion of relevant historical references with an exciting and gripping plot. D.A. from Colorado

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