Simply Gregg-A Detective Story

Simply Gregg-A Detective Story

To Solve The Mystery, Start With The Victim

It isn’t unusual for the Pocono Mountain, Pennsylvania winters to turn severe, but this season has been particularly severe. The frozen landscape looked picturesque calm. But on one terrible night, harsh winter winds whipped up a blizzard. The sky turned eerily dark and ominous, leaving the vacant streets buried under mounds of snow, the perfect cover for a killer determined to break into a sleeping household.

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Veteran Detective Howard Pierce, months away from retirement, is called upon to solve the murder that looks poised to ruin his perfect record. With little evidence to work with, his investigative team is tasked with not only finding a suspect and an elusive weapon, but deciphering shorthand—a skill not having been taught for decades.

Many years of experience and a gut that never lets him down has taught Detective Pierce, no matter how meticulously a murder is planned, there’s always something inadvertently left behind. Faced with outdated, piecemeal evidence, obsolete interviews, and a cold case committed decades ago in New York City––Pierce and his team must start from scratch.

Simply Gregg, is an action-packed detective story chockfull with heart-pounding twists and psychological intrigue sure to lure readers into the unraveling mind of a merciless killer, hellbent on seeking revenge.

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Series: A Howard Pierce Investigates Story
Genre: Crime Novel
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Shaggy Dog Productions, LLC
Publication Year: 2021
ISBN: 9781950625086
eBook Price: 2.99
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