And This Shall Be for Music

And This Shall Be for Music

“A tremendous piece of work that resonates in many different ways--in particular the way music affects us as nothing else does.”

Lindsey Cameron, a gifted young soprano, believes herself called to a life in music and single-mindedly focuses on pursuing a career in opera. But a life-shattering tragedy involving her two college housemates changes everything. Overwhelmed by shock and grief, Lindsey struggles to say goodbye to one friend while helping her surviving friend on his long road to recovery.

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Just as her life seems back on track, Lindsey falls head over heels in love with Nate Cohen, a charming and talented baritone on his way to opera stardom. The young lovers appear destined for a fairy-tale ending, but cracks have begun to appear in Lindsey’s resolve for a career in Opera World. Her profound experiences with suffering and pain have opened her mind to other possibilities in a life lived for music.

Love, loss, conviction, and passion merge in this heartfelt story that unravels how, even in life’s darkest, most difficult hours, music gives us healing, hope—and joy.

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Series: The Cameron Saga, Book 3
Genre: Historical Fiction
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Shaggy Dog Productions, LLC
Publication Year: 2022
Format: paperback/eBook
Length: Novel
ISBN: 9781950625222
List Price: 16.95
eBook Price: 6.99
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