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New Release From SDP Author Susan Moore Jordan

SDP author Susan Moore Jordan has added a ninth novel to The Augusta McKee Mysteries,. The paperback edition is currently offered at a slightly discounted price of $12.95. The Kindle edition is $4.99.

Set in Cincinnati in the 1960s, protagonist Augusta McKee is a singer/professor/stage director, fifty-ish, single, independent, a fashionista, and ahead of her time. One reader described her as a “no-nonsense voice teacher in spike heels, tough, tender, and smart as all get-out.” Augusta meets her match in Homicide Detective Malcolm Mitchell, and the two eventually join forces as sleuths and romantic partners.

Other books in the series are “The Case of the Slain Soprano”, “The Case of the Disappearing Director”, “The Case of the Toxic Tenor”, “The Case of the Purloined Professor”, “The Case of the Chrysanthemum Murders”, “The Case of the Unearthed Evidence”, “The Case of the ‘Carousel’ Killer”, and “The Case of the Bogus Beatle”.

In the new book, which is set in Cincinnati in 1967, Jordan makes the social unrest of that era a vital part of this story. In her acknowledgments, she remarks: “Writing about social problems in the 1960s reinforced that those social issues are still with us all these years later, in the 2020s. And it is distressing to see the people of our country so divided on so many issues.

“In the end, though, Augusta chooses to hope that change will come. I do as well.”

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