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‘Unexpected Friends’ Now Available!

Pocono Township resident and Shaggy Dog Productions Author, Sahar Abdulaziz has recently released her new literary fiction novel, Unexpected Friends, the third book in The Abernathy & Crane Series. In the story, she reintroduces her readers to Irwin Abernathy––former local librarian, book snob, proud loner, and overall grump. Upon retirement, Irwin opened The Abernathy & Crane Bookshop in town with his friends, who he now considers family.

And then the unthinkable happened…

Saying goodbye is never easy.

During their long friendship, Cornelia Parish had been the bane of Irwin Abernathy’s existence. Forever minding his business and trying to run his life. But even in death, Cornelia seems determined to make sure her best friend––former librarian, current bookshop owner, and interminable grumpy curmudgeon––doesn’t spend the rest of his insufferable days alone.

Irwin is heartbroken. Devastated. He loved and adored Cornelia, and her death has left him shattered. But nothing––NOTHING–– could have ever prepared him for the estate attorney’s phone call on the day of her passing.


––A road trip?

 ––To deliver letters to four strangers?

––Across the entire country!

What in the hell is Cornelia up to now?

Despite the heartache, Irwin and the rest of Cornelia’s friends at the Abernathy & Crane Bookshop must pull it together –– if they expect to fulfill this last, unforeseen dying wish.

Unexpected Friends is a touching and continuing saga that speaks to the power of friendship, the agony of loss, and the potential for healing when one, overcome with grief, bravely face their fears to embrace and welcome into their life true love again.


Sahar Abdulaziz has authored eleven books: But You LOOK Just Fine [Health/non-fiction], As One Door Closes [Contemporary Fiction], The Broken Half [Contemporary Fiction], Secrets That Find Us [Fiction/Thriller/Suspense], Tight Rope [Thriller/Political Fiction], Expendable [Psychological suspense] Unlikely Friends [Book 1, Literary Fiction/satire] The Gatekeepers Notebook [psychological suspense], Devoted Friends [Book 2, Literary Fiction/satire], Unexpected Friends [Book 3, Literary Fiction/satire]  and her children’s book, The Dino Flu.

Abdulaziz’s work covers a wide range of hard-hitting topics: mood disorders [depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, PPD], domestic violence and sexual assault, marital and family dysfunction, racism, sexism, and prejudice, but most of all–survivorship. Her multidimensional characters have been described as having “substance and soul.”

Abdulaziz holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Master of Science degree in Health and Wellness Promotion and Administration, and a Community Health Administration certification. In 1995, she received a Certificate in Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Crisis Intervention Counseling, and shortly after, as a Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Counselor/Advocate. In 2016, Abdulaziz received an award for Community Written Expression at the Second Annual Monroe County Image Awards, and, in 2018, was nominated for the Rabata, ‘We Are Aisha.’ In 2019, her novel Tight Rope won The Daybreak Book Award for Muslim Fiction, and her satire novel, Unlikely Friends, was a finalist in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards.

She has guest co-hosted for Sistah Chat Radio, WESS 90.3 FM, Gynesis Radio, and is a member of the Pocono Liar’s Writer’s Club. Rep’d by Djarabi Kitabs Publishing and Limitless Publishing, and Shaggy Dog Poductions, LLC. All books are available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.


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