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with “The Augusta McKee Mystery Series, Books 1-3”

“Everything a mystery fan dreams of! A feisty heroine, twists and turns, danger, excitement, and a bold detective. 1960s Cincinnati provides a vivid backdrop for adventures bursting with all the passion and intrigue of opera. Addictively entertaining!”

Meet Augusta McKee, singer/professor/stage director, fifty-ish, single, independent, ahead of her time.. A no-nonsense voice teacher in spike heels, tough and tender and smart as all get-out, Professor McKee will take her place among the fictional lady detectives you wish you knew in person.

The first three books in the series are included in this new Kindle publication from Shaggy Dog Productions, LLC. Book One, The Case of the Slain Soprano, introduces Augusta Mckee and Homicide Detective Malcolm Mitchell as they work together during a growing romance to bring to justice the killer of a young student on the Cliffside College campus.

In The Case of the Disappearing Director the body of a man found near the Parkside Playhouse proves to be a member of the Ponti crime family, and Augusta and Malcolm have a close brush with some unsavory characters. And in Book Three, The Case of the Toxic Tenor, a world-famous tenor drops dead on the stage of Cincinnati’s Music Hall while performing in a concert performance of Carmen during Cincinnati’s famed May Festival.

Susan Moore Jordan has created an interesting world with her McKee mysteries, a world that I enjoy visiting and finding out what the latest predicament is all about! Her descriptions of Cincinnati and the architecture, local food haunts, and parks make the visit very familiar and enticing, and the characters feel real.”

Jordan’s “Augusta McKee” mysteries are page-turners filled with interesting characters, plot twists that will keep you guessing, music described so vividly you can almost hear it, and a romance you’ll adore. Don’t miss out on the fun! The new box set is a great introduction to Augusta and Malcolm and their city—a perfect read for this long, cold winter. Only $9.99 on Amazon!


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