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A writer never measures their success solely in the number of books they sell, but in personal growth and the achievements they have along their writing journey––accomplishments, both big and small, which ultimately define their overall career success. While writers often diminish the significance of these accomplishments, we at Shaggy Dog Productions are here to remind our authors of how important each of their achievements is and how proud we are of them for using their creative writing spirits to make a difference!

Warmest Congratulations to suspense author Sahar Abdulaziz, whose latest two book releases, Devoted Friends (satire) and The Gatekeeper’s Notebook (psychological suspense), placed as Finalists, Fiction Books for Adults, in the prestigious Wishing Shelf Book Awards.

Books are judged by two Reading Groups, one located in London, the other in Stockholm, using a keen eye toward an in-depth assessment of a book’s editing, theme, writing style, and book cover design.

Winners will be announced on April 1st, 2021


Devoted Friends is the second book in The Abernathy & Crane Book Series.

About the Book

Grouchy former librarian Irwin Abernathy, presently the co-owner of Abernathy & Crane, is busy preparing the bookshop for the holidays. Meanwhile, his neighbor and nemesis, Alastair Brooke, lays dying next door. It’s no secret that Irwin and most of the town dislike the irritating antique dealer, but Irwin can’t imagine what nasty deed the vile little man did to deserve being murdered!

Then again––

Within moments of their arrival, the police suspect Irwin’s friend, ex-convict Darren Crane. His arrest launches everyone and everything at Abernathy & Crane into utter chaos. While poor, innocent Darren wallows away inside a jail cell, Irwin and his incorrigible friends are busy doing whatever it takes to prove his innocence––which frankly terrifies Darren almost as much as being hauled back to prison!

 Devoted Friends is a heartwarming story about the compassion and humor required when one is confronted by life’s many unpredictable obstacles. It is also about friendships driven by courage, dignity, and the unrelenting fortitude necessary when facing grief and heartbreak in a sometimes unfair, perfectly, imperfect world.

The Gatekeeper’s Notebook

About the Book

 The Gatekeeper’s Notebook––a bold and poignant story about love and loss, the past colliding with the present, and the unimaginable devastation caused by spitefulness, arrogance, deceptions, and lies.

 Life looked promising for Kalila Rahim when she and her husband decided to move from New York City to the Pocono Mountains. Despite a fabulous home, a lucrative career, and the birth of a healthy baby boy, the couple’s marriage remained fraught with problems: the most notable, Bashir’s complicated love affair.

 Angry and hurt, Kalila kicks him out, only to become distraught when she receives a call notifying her of Bashir’s untimely death. Widowed, facing mounting debt, and left to raise their son alone, Kalila decides to move far away and start a new life. However, she soon discovers that burying a husband is a lot simpler than concealing his secrets, especially after her own dark dalliances resurface, threatening to destroy her life.


Sahar Abdulaziz


 Suspense writer Sahar Abdulaziz is the author of eleven books––including Expendable, Tight Rope, Unlikely Friends, The Gatekeeper’s Notebook, Devoted Friends, and her latest release, Unexpected Friends. Most of her work is in realistic fiction: psychological thrillers, suspense, and satire. She writes about characters who find themselves facing complicated life challenges. However, despite whatever life-trajectory her idiosyncratic book friends face, Sahar is determined to tell their stories––eager to put pen to paper to share their compelling accounts, no matter how hilarious or convoluted their adventures become.





2020: Finalist: The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

2019: Finalist: The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

2019: Fofky’s Reader’s Choice Award, Thriller

2019: Winner of the Daybreak Press Award for Islamic Fiction

2019: Winner, Women in Scrutiny Anthology; Brooklyn Girls Books

2018: Nominated for Rabata’s ‘We Are Aisha’ Award; category: Writer/Author

2016 AAN Sistah Chat Radio Women of Distinction Award

2016 Monroe County Image Awards Sistah Chat Radio Media Communication

2016 Monroe County Image Awards –Community Media Expression

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