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Coming Soon: Shelf Life

Are you ready for more Hearts & Crafts? Shelf Life, the second book in the series, is now available for preorder. We revealed the cover this week and I was beyond excited for everyone to ‘meet’ Grayson Clery – baker, boardgame geek, and best friend ever.

Look at that smile!

Good things come to those who bake.

Grayson used to love baking, but the recipe for running his parents’ café changes every day. His dad, overwhelmed by grief, is no help. They can’t even talk about Gray’s mom, let alone the failing business. Of less help is the crush Gray has on Sporty—a trainer from the local gym. Gray barely has time for his friends, let alone scratching the itch Sporty inspires.

Aaron suspects he’s not Gray’s type, meaning Gray probably isn’t into fitness, board games, or redheads. Still, that doesn’t stop Aaron visiting the café twice a week. The day Gray finally speaks to him personally could have been the start of something—if Gray hadn’t immediately suffered a heart attack.

The prescription for Gray’s recovery includes exercise, but when Aaron steps in to help, Gray is dubious. He’s never been fond of working out. The more he gets to know Aaron, though, the more they seem to have in common, especially when it comes to games. Aaron has been quietly designing his own, and when Gray shows interest, they embark on a quest to complete it together: a hero’s journey complicated by family, the demands of their careers, their fledgling relationship, and learning to be honest about what they want out of life.


The release date for Shelf Life is still a couple of months away, putting it on your reading schedule after the holidays and when you’re looking forward to spring!

I’ll be dropping teasers and excerpts between now and then and the best way to catch all of those is to subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on social media. And, once again, if you preorder the paperback and send me a copy of your receipt, I’ll send you a swag pack with a signed bookplate, bookmark, recipe cards, and stickers.

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