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A Random Day in the Life of a SDP Author

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The house is clean, the laundry done, and it’s raining—a perfect day for a writer who’s been procrastinating lately, to get on with the hard but enjoyable work of writing. That’s where my mind was on the day I wrote this:


A Rainy Day Doing Research

On this rainy day in the Poconos, what else is there to do for a writer than do research on a new story idea? Oh, and bake, but today I want to concentrate on my new book idea.

I spent most of the day immersed in my laptop, going from website to website and taking notes, not noticing the time.

Other than giving my characters a personality, my favorite part of writing a story is learning new things. If it weren’t for looking for situations to place my characters in, I would not have learned such interesting things as what happens to a dead body in different circumstances. For instance, I read a most interesting article about a body where saponification had taken place. Of course, I did not know what that meant, not being a forensics investigator or other scientific expert, but luckily, the article explained saponification is an event that occurs after death in which a body undergoes chemical changes that transform body fat into a substance called adipocere, a by-product of decomposition. Fascinating! I love science.

After having written two books about a fictional homicide detective turned private investigator who gets pulled into a homicide, my interest in dead bodies is understandable, right?          Keep reading HERE


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