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    Interview with Evelyn Infante

    How exciting for all of us Lady Writers at Shaggy Dog Productions to celebrate the release of Evelyn Infante’s new book, Simply Gregg, on Amazon on March 11! We sat down with Evelyn for an interview shortly before the book became available to the public and asked her to share some thoughts.   SMJ:    I’m excited to read your new book, Simply Gregg, which is about to be released. I know it’s a mystery. Can you tell us a little more about it?  EI:       Simply Gregg is not so much a mystery as it is a detective story. You know who the killer is soon after the homicide. The story…

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    “Author, Author!”

    Meet the Lady Writers of Shaggy Dog Productions Susan Moore Jordan After many years in the music world, as student, teacher, performer, stage musical director, I wrote my first book in 2013 at the age of 75. Once I had written it, I wanted to hold a copy in my hands and decided to publish it. I opted to “self-publish,” partly because at the time there were fewer choices than there are today. I honestly thought my book would be “one and done,” but hadn’t realized I had been bitten by the bug. From that first book came others, historical novels all set in the twentieth century, and all including…

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    Mary Anne Moore Interviewed by Fellow Author

    Mary Anne Moore was interviewed by Ralph Hieb, member of The Bethlehem Writers Group for their October 2020 newsletter. Check out how M.A. Moore views her journey from musician to scientist, and finally to an author, and how she continues to evolve and grow into her brand. Interview SDP AdministrationShaggy Dog Productions, LLC (SDP) is the publishing imprint for The Lady Writers of the Poconos. shaggydogproductions.online/