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Gordon Releases ‘The Good Pharmacist’s Deadly Secrets’

We’re pleased to announce the release of the first book in Belinda M Gordon’s new series, The Findale Fae Mysteries. The Good Pharmacist’s Deadly Secret is now available on Kindle and in paperback wherever books are sold.

This new series is set in the same world as to Gordon’s The King’s Jewel Series and yet the genre has changed. The Findale Fae Mysteries are urban/contemporary fantasy fused with a cozy mystery. Sloan, a fae from the original series is now living in Findale on Tressa’s estate in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. What’s different is she has a mystery to solve—the sooner the better.

Here are a few comments from early readers:

“A great book, enjoyable and wonderful mystery!! I like the Fae and other cool characters!! I will eagerly await, hopefully for the next book!!”


“Highly entertaining book. Fun and easy read. Great story that will keep you guessing until the end. The characters are engaging. A must read for the summer.”


“Wow, this was Awesome. She left to live among humans. She’s found a place that she’s made a home, fitting into the town. Unfortunately, murders set folks on edge. She finds out quickly though, the value of friendship is everything, even if you are different. I loved this and Can’t wait to read more in this series!”


“LOL funny, a little mystery, and Fae/human relatable- you can paint the picture of what is happening, what people look like and then see what is coming next. Was able to read all at one time, in less than 3 hours. Easy read, enjoyable, and ready for the next book!!”


“Another great book by Belinda! An easy-read mystery story that has the magic of the Fae mixed in for good measure. The story grabs you on the first chapter and doesn’t let you go.”


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