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TOALC (The Older Adult Learning Community) Free Online Friday Lecture Series: Focus on Women

Dr. Mary Anne will talk about her latest book, I Have Become Death, a phrase from the Bhagavad Gita and repeated by Robert Oppenheimer as he witnessed the first A-bomb test in New Mexico.

“I traveled to Egypt in the spring of 2010, only a few months before the Arab Spring devastated the region. The modern Egyptian doesn’t relate to the time of the pharaohs, except for the tourist dollars it brings in. But to travel there had been a dream of mine since we studied Egypt in my fourth-grade class.

“My stories are character driven. My heroine is smart, but fallible, my locations exotic. I combine a little of “could be” science, with a generous portion of history, and a dash of eastern philosophy. I actually want my reader to gain an appreciation for the places I’ve traveled that have had a profound effect on my world outlook.”

The book earned praise from many readers. Said one, “The history woven into the book and the descriptions of the physical spaces – landscape, towns, villages, tunnels, etc….were especially appealing to me”

Mary Anne is extending her $0.99 ebook promotion on Amazon so that any interested in reading I Have Become Death can get the book at a reduced price at: Moore/e/B01N1L09NZ ref_=dbs_p_ebk_r00_abau_000000

This is Mary Anne’s author page on Amazon and has links to all her books plus some pictures from her trip to Egypt.

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