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M. A. Moore Releases The Sands of Marrakech

M.A. Moore has released her latest installment in her exciting thriller series The Amy Mohr Chronicles.

In I Have Become Death, Amy Mohr and her partner, Mike Stone, joined forces in Egypt to eradicate the threat posed by the notorious Dr. Augustia. Now joined with a former ally known only as Medusa, and a mysterious Berber with seemingly supernatural powers, they investigate the brutal killings of animals in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, thought to be the work of a rogue lion.

How wrong they were!  Join the four companions as they travel the back roads and desert regions of Morocco, and time itself, in The Sands of Marrakech, where they strive to end the bloodshed and save humanity’s timeline from extinction.

Find out how Amy’s and Mike’s adventures began in The End of a Lie, set in the wilds of southern Africa, and continued in Turkey and India in The Way to Varanasi. 

The Amy Mohr Chronicles by M. A. Moore

Book 1: The End of a Lie

Book 2: The Way to Varanasi

Book 3: I Have Become Death

Book 4: The Sands of Marrakech

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