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Use Bookmarks to Market Your Books

Bookmarks are an easy and inexpensive addition to an author’s marketing arsenal. They are far less expensive than handing out copies of your book, and yet they are great representations of your book or brand. People like to collect them as souvenirs and keepsakes, and it’s something readers can actually use.

What should be on your bookmark?

  • Book cover and ISBNSample Bookmark
  • Book title and author name
  • Your website and social media links
  • Your email and logo or tagline
  • Eye-catching colors and graphics that match your brand

What else can you add?

  • Release date if the book is not yet available
  • Review quote
  • Short story blurb or concept
  • Author photo and/or bio

Where can you get them printed?

How can you use bookmarks for marketing your books?

  • Give to libraries to give to their patrons
  • Add to SWAG bags at events
  • Add to anything you’re mailing to readers, i.e. autographed books
  • Hand them out at book signings and book fairs
  • Ask local bookstores, or other retail establishments that sell something connected to your book, to see if they will give them away for free at the counter
  • Mail several to your Beta readers and each person on your launch team

Need help with the design of your bookmark? Shaggy Dog Productions has added the customized design of book marks to our list of Author Services. Click HERE for more information.

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